“They showed up on time, and the job was completed on time and on budget, so I’m pretty darn happy with that.”


“It was very easy to deal with them being in the house and the construction going on for several days. There is a certain amount of inconvenience that you’re going to have to endure with any kind of construction, but both Steve and Todd made it livable for us during the construction phase.”


“The nice thing too is as much demo as these guys did, you didn’t see that around the house. The hauled away their trash every single day so we didn’t have construction debris sitting in my driveway or in my backyard.”


“These guys turned a couple of buckets of paint into a masterpiece, something that I’d be very proud of. If you’re thinking of remodeling, come and look at my place.”


“Steve and Todd will be the first people I call to come in here and work in my house again. That’s how pleased I am.”


“They were here every day, on the job, getting it done. It was very, very impressive. I actually used to have a construction company, so I know how contractors work from that angle.”


“They were truly, truly gentlemen, and they knew how to work in [our] environment.”


“There wasn’t any foul language. There weren’t any drinks left around, empty cans of soda pop, or any of that. They were clean; they cleaned up every day. They were just really very, very professional to work with. I was lucky to be able to get them.“


“I loved it, because I’m not always that creative. I know what I like when I see it completed, but I don’t always know how to get there. They came up with some great ideas, and I loved it. They had me knock out a wall and put in a counter, and I didn’t think about doing any of that. I was just thinking about cleaning it up and painting and putting in new flooring, but what they did made it come out really nice. It gave it a whole new look.”


“It looks like a brand new home, and I’ve been in it for 40 years.”


“You’re going to get quality work. You’re going to get people that are going to do the job, and are going to get it done on time. You’re not going to have anybody better do it.“