Home Remodeling

STS Construction works with you to improve the functionality and enjoyment of your home. If you’ve been thumbing through design books, clipping ideas out of magazines, or taking pictures of your neighbor’s tile, bring your ideas along and our experts will create the perfect solution for your space!


Ever dream of a gourmet cook’s kitchen with quality appliances, or are you fed up with a dated color scheme and no storage? Get a kitchen you can truly love, whether it’s a haven for creating meals and baking treats, a family gathering place, or even a study space. Whatever your inspiration, our designers can make it happen.


Is your bathroom clad in out-of-date colors, cramped, or purely utilitarian? Why invest in handmade bath products and luxurious towels, but then jam yourself into a tiny tub to “relax?” Let us help you carve out space for an expanded bathroom, adding everything from double-sink counters to heated flooring and glass tile to a modern jetted bathtub for your private home spa.


Remodeling or refinishing a basement makes smart use of often underutilized space. Your basement can become anything you wish, be it a custom, climate-controlled wine cellar, a play area for the kids, a movie room, or even a home gym. Our experienced remodelers eliminate dark corners and gray walls to create family-friendly, useful space!


Is your home office or craft room squeezed into a closet? Whether you’re a telecommuter, freelancer, professional artist, or a weekend knitter, your work space should be structured around what you do and how you do it. It needs to include storage for tools and supplies while being functional and attractive. If climbing over boxes and rolling across shag carpet to get your blog written is taking a toll, let our designers create the perfect home office for you!


Remodeling your home need not be a burden on the environment. STS Construction’s designers are experts in eco-friendly home design and remodeling, offering Energy Star products and accent items (such as recycled glass tiles) as well as being certified in energy conservation, waste reduction, gas emissions, and other green design components. Not only that, but we follow strict guidelines concerning proper use and disposal of solvents, paint, and other construction materials to minimize their environmental impact.


Your home’s living space no longer stops at the door, nor are your outside entertainment options restricted by the season. Exterior elements such as sunrooms, porches, and porticos allow you to host friends and family while enjoying the outdoors at all times and in all conditions. Design amenities such as skylights and climate-controlled glass ensure four-season enjoyment and comfort. Talk with our designers to make the most of previously untapped exterior spaces.