Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens have dramatically evolved in form and function even in just the last few years. The heart of your home, kitchens have morphed into family rooms, professional-quality bakeries, and study spaces. As your family grows and changes, the kitchen layout and components should adjust to meet your lifestyle.
Whether you need a simple tile update or a full-scale remodel, STS Construction is here to get the job done!


Are you faced with faded wallpaper, stained countertops, or a tiny sink? Stop cringing at the color of your tile or trying to wash a half sheet pan. Let STS Construction’s kitchen remodeling designers show you how even small and simple design updates or facelifts can improve your daily kitchen routine!


Modern kitchen amenities are critical to improving ease and efficiency of cooking and related tasks. Pot-filler faucets at your cook top can save lugging water to the stove, while motorized adjustable-height counters and sinks ensure easy access for everyone. Design elements such as lever handles, roll-out work areas, and foldaway doors can improve the task triangle between the sink, stove, and fridge. Adding a work island or a two-level counter allows a family to create dinner together, while essentials such as updrafts or downdrafts prevent grease and odor buildup.


Today’s oversized appliances can make a cook’s workspace feel cramped, while underused space or limited accessibility and maneuverability can cut into comfort levels. Whatever your current needs or upcoming life changes, we’re here to help reclaim your kitchen for the ultimate in comfort, mobility, and efficiency. Whether we’re adding storage, installing new appliances, extending counters, or creating a whole new serving station, you can rest assured STS Construction will help fulfill your every need.