Remodel, Rebuild, Renovate…

Remodel, Rebuild, Renovate…

Sometimes those words can be scary!

STS Construction prides itself on the integrity, reliability and craftsmanship they have brought to homeowners throughout the San Diego area. They are dedicated to creating a positive experience and providing quality work. Fairly new to the GSDBA, (members since 2011), Steve Seligmann and his son, Todd Seligmann, are both equal parts businessmen and craftsmen; they’ve grown their construction company together over the past seven years.

There is a trust factor involved with hiring a company that will make changes to your home. You know you want those improvements to enhance the beauty and usefulness, and sometimes there is a real need for change. It can be hard to invite a construction company into your home and your daily life.


Their experience includes historic remodels as well as custom, high-end contemporary upgrades and just about anything in between. Home, kitchen and bath remodeling specialists, they help to design and maximize existing space. They can add character with finishing touches, and are comfortable with doing complete face lifts, floor plan reconfigurations, and office/business tenant improvements. The results will be a quality, finished product, created by true craftsmen.


Bathroom Remodeling San DiegoSteve and Todd share over 30 years of combined construction and business experience; in fact, they’ve both been successful in other careers and have returned to the business they love, building and remodeling. They bring knowledge of the industry that translates into obsessive attention to detail, problem-solving abilities and top-quality work. They enjoy a long-standing reputation of integrity, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

“We’ll schedule our workday to accommodate your daily routine and minimize the disruption,” says Steve, “our goal is to make you feel comfortable with us in your home.”

A General Contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured; STS Construction is a member of the Better Business Bureau. By choosing to work with STS, a path of recourse is available should anything unforeseen happen.


STS promises to deliver the most enjoyable home remodel experience. They are committed to a level of craftsmanship that would be expected from people who truly care about the finished product. They conduct themselves in a professional manner and maintain a clean job site, consistently keeping down dust and debris.


Beautiful photographs of the transformations they’ve performed on clients’ homes along with glowing testimonials are proof of their integrity.


Contact Jylene or Todd to talk with them about the dreams you have for your home. A quote can be provided at no charge. They can take your broad ideas and turn them into a complete remodeling plan with a detailed proposal.