STS Construction

Ocean Beach Living Room Remodel

STS Construction was hired by this young family to create a comfortable family retreat. We started with a dull room, limited windows, an unsightly free-standing fireplace and blank walls. STS Construction began the project by demoing the fireplace and opening the exterior wall to install a...

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Remodel, Rebuild, Renovate…

Sometimes those words can be scary!

STS Construction prides itself on the integrity, reliability and craftsmanship they have brought to homeowners throughout the San Diego area. They are dedicated to creating a positive experience and providing quality work. Fairly new to the GSDBA, (members since 2011), Steve Seligmann and his son, Todd Seligmann, are both equal parts businessmen and craftsmen; they’ve grown their construction company together over the past seven years.

San Diego’s Hardest-Working Contractors

There are many people who live in San Diego who eventually plan to add a new room to their home or are planning to renovate their home. Renovating your home or constructing a new room is not easy; as there are several problems you may face when you try to complete these projects. Therefore, it is wise to give these projects to the right people who will take care of your problems and complete the project on time. These projects can be completed by reputed general contractors in San Diego who will make sure that the problems associated with the project don’t affect you.

Invest In Your Biggest Asset

Your home is one of your most important and biggest investments due to various reasons. First of all, it’s where you and your family live your lives together. The way your home is built will be crucial in defining your quality of a living. A home that has a lot of inadequacies must be given great attention. If you live in San Diego, California, improving your home shouldn’t be much of a task since there are so many home contractors that can service you at the best ways possible. However, there are things that you need to consider on home remodeling and hiring a contractor.

5 Reasons the Kitchen is the most Important Room

In the modern home, there is only one candidate for the title of ‘most important room in the house’; the kitchen. The days when cooking was the sole function of this room are a distant memory.

Here are five reasons that explain how the importance of the kitchen has surpassed other rooms in the house.