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Thank you for your interest in STS Construction, a family owned construction company whose slogan says it all, “The reliability, integrity, and craftsmanship your family can trust.” STS Construction prides itself on treating each client’s project as if we were working in the home of a family member. What does this mean to you? It means we are committed to providing a level of both, professionalism and craftsmanship, which you would expect from someone who truly cares about the finished product. Whether we are completing an entire home make-over, or simply adding character to an existing floor plan, the STS Construction family promises to deliver the most enjoyable home remodel experience for your family.

STS ConstructionWe are all very blessed to live in San Diego County; an area with amazing weather, wonderful scenery, fun activities, and exquisite homes. We understand that not every home is in need of a dramatic facelift, which is why we offer a broad range of services from “mild to wild.” STS Construction specializes in Kitchen and Bath Remodels and Floor Plan Reconfiguration designed to maximize your existing space. You may feel that window casing and crown molding is all your house needs to become that storybook home? Or, you may be looking to start over with an entirely new kitchen? Either way, STS Construction will complete your project, large or small, with a level of craftsmanship unmatched in the industry. Please visit our Services section for a complete list of services we offer.

The two owners of STS Construction have 30 plus years of combined experience in the construction industry. Steve and Todd have been a dynamic business duo since they teamed up together seven years ago. The company evolved from a previous business venture where Todd joined Steve to build a very successful telecommunications business from the ground up.

Gradually, they both found themselves yearning to return to the construction industry, where they could offer their true skills to their clients. The founders of STS Construction are equal part businessmen and craftsmen. This combination lends to a company that will provide “The reliability, integrity, and craftsmanship your family can trust.”

Steve Seligmann

My construction career began in 1974 after receiving my B.S. in Business from San Diego State University. I was recruited onto the management team for San Diego Prestressed Concrete Company, a subsidiary of Rohr Industries. As general contractors, we built parking structures, high-rise office buildings, and bridges out of prestressed concrete components.

I went on to hold numerous senior management positions and oversaw large projects at the Colorado Air Force Academy, VA Hospital, I-25 Freeway control modules, and major universities such as Dartmouth College. I became affiliated with a major San Diego concrete cutting and demolition company, eventually purchasing 50% of a Nevada subsidiary and becoming the managing partner of the Las Vegas office.

Throughout the last fifteen years, I’ve also worked on my own properties, including building my home in Colorado, remodeling a property in East County, and remodeling several rental properties in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. With more than thirty years of hands-on and management experience, I’ve come to realize the importance of quality craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Todd Seligmann

My love for construction began in my pre-teen years, when I hung around the jobsite, “helping” a family friend build custom homes. During my teens and early twenties, I focused on two things: school and fabrication. While completing my bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University, I devoted my free time to learning the art of metal fabrication, honing a craft that became an invaluable part of my construction career.

After I met and married the woman of my dreams, we bought a plot of land and built our first home together. This project reignited my passion for construction and highlighted my problem-solving talents and obsessive attention to detail—skills that have helped me excel in the industry since.

We carry the following insurance to protect our clients:

  • Workers Comp – Champion Property& Casualty Insurance Company, $ 1,000,000
  • General Liability – Alterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company, $ 1,000,000 per occurrence, $ 2,000,000 aggregate
  • Auto – Golden Eagle Insurance, $ 1,000,000

This site is here to provide remodeling inspiration, help you learn more about STS Construction, and present client testimonials. Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a free design consultation! We look forward to meeting you and working together.


Steve Seligmann & Todd Seligmann
STS Construction

Contractor License #909125

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