5 Reasons the Kitchen is the most Important Room

5 Reasons the Kitchen is the most Important Room

In the modern home, there is only one candidate for the title of ‘most important room in the house’; the kitchen. The days when cooking was the sole function of this room are a distant memory.

Here are five reasons that explain how the importance of the kitchen has surpassed other rooms in the house.


No other room in the house gets as much use as the kitchen. A bedroom is a private place, and generally not accessible to others in the household, but a kitchen is used absolutely every day. If your kitchen is looking a little tired, it’s worth it to take the time to enliven it a bit by trying a new design.


Other rooms in the house can wear different labels, but the kitchen’s job is indisputable – it’s there for the purpose of preparing and storing food. Only the bathroom shares such a defined purpose


If you’ve ever pondered why people invest so much cash in their kitchens and bathrooms, it’s because of:
Importance — Kitchens, along with bathrooms, are the most important room when it comes to resale value of the home.
Focus of renovations: — Due to their identity as most highly shown off rooms, upgrades usually happen here first.
Setting the mood — It’s no surprise that kitchens set the tone for the entire house. Suddenly, a meal becomes not just a time to eat but a complete experience, as you nosh on food while savoring the morning light as it reflects off the breakfast bar.
Even a small upgrade can go a long way — You don’t have to change a lot to create a richer mood in the kitchen – change the cabinet knobs, update your appliances


You can always make do without other rooms, bathrooms notwithstanding. A bedroom can double as an office, a living room can do duty as a family room, but a kitchen is a must-have. It’s not like you will do well storing your pantry items in your bedroom closet.
When it comes to entertaining guests, having a functional and modern kitchen is a blessing. A sizable refrigerator, double sink, and a great dishwasher can all turn the tedium of cooking into a delightful pastime


Everyone enjoys a nice looking kitchen with beautiful lines, a good layout, and functional and modern appliances. Any upgrade here is money well spent

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